We owe Tokens 2 users and would-be-users an apology. Our initial pricing was totally whack.

Back when we launched at the beginning of September, our pricing model was app-based instead of code-based. That meant a huge customer with one app generating 1000s of codes would've been paying less than an individual dev with multiple apps generating dozens of codes.

Now, you get what you pay for—rather, pay for what you generate.

What we mean by fair

The three of us at Gikken are no adjudicators of fairness. What's fair to one is completely unfair to another, despite that going against the supposed nature of fairness itself—that it should create equilibrium.

It is impossible to be fair when discussing value because value is entirely relative. What we can be, however, is honest. Transparent. Understanding.

We can listen to your feedback and actually change shit. Get it done. Not just sit on our paws pushing out more bug releases and polish. You can only polish so much until your app erodes away completely.

The old price versus the new

Before today, you'd have paid around $4/month per app with unlimited code generation. Yeesh!

Going forward, you'll pay $3.99/month for unlimited apps with a 50 code max or $7.99/month for unlimited apps with no code limit.

Multiply by ten for the annual rate:

We added a little crown to the unlimited plan because devs who dish out that many codes should be coronated. Y'all are generous!

Fortuitous feedback

We can't thank enough all the Token folk who were bold enough to be blunt with us about our original pricing model. Many of you reached out via Twitter DMs and email and we encourage you to continue doing so!

It's one thing to connive your way to cheaper or free apps from indie devs—that's dreadful. But it's entirely welcome to write generously constructive thoughts on how your favorite products can be improved.

You can see right through us

Our main aim with this pricing rethink was to make Tokens 2 comfortable for our users. Comfort includes not being left in the dark—comfy as darkness may be—and we're here to be real with you.

Would we have made more money with the original pricing? Possibly over time. Or we could've scared off folks for whom the dime was a bit too high.

Price-logic-wise, this is a classic case of luxury product with few customers vs affordable product with many customers (there's probably a proper marketing term here).

Gikken-logic-wise, we're not here to take your metaphorical kidneys. As long as Tokens 2 can continue to serve the dev community and put dinner on our tables, we're delighted.

Any decent company should align its pricing models with its product value props. Any good company should listen to its customers. Any fantastic company should be totally transparent about why changes were made, divulge motives, and rhyme with chicken.

Yours frugally,

Team Gikken