It's one of those risky decisions that can have a major blowback. 10,000 of our users have been relying on Google or Facebook accounts to sign in to Mate Account.

Nevertheless, we decided to pull third-party login methods from all Mate apps. Starting from February 15, 2020 you will only be able to use Mate Account in an old-school yet best-working way – with an email and password as your credentials.

We are trying to make a transition as smooth as possible for everyone who used Google or Facebook to create a Mate Account. Most users have already received an email where we kindly ask you to set a password. If you haven't gotten it yet, it's on the way and you'll get it in the next few days.

After it's done, you'll be able to sign in with your email and password. If you don't set a new password by February 15, it's not a problem – your data will stay intact. Just go back to the email, set a password and keep using your account. At any time.

We apologize for a temporary inconvenience but trust us, in the long term this decision, will a long way for you and us.

Why are we doing this?

  1. Privacy. In the light of recent data scandals that involved mostly Facebook and increasing consciousness of people around the world about what companies do with their data, we don't want to keep Facebook/Google SDK in our apps anymore. They're proprietary – we don't know what information they're collecting.
  2. Maintenance. Sign-in SDKs are frequently updated. Sometimes they just stop working if we fail to update them on time. We want to keep things simpler. Our native sign-in will always work.

Note on privacy

We value your privacy. We've never cowardly hidden hide our Privacy Policy in fine print in site's footer. On the opposite, we're proud of it – it's concise, transparent, and written in a friendly language. Your Mate Account's credentials are stored in a hashed form, so no one (even us) can read them.

If you have questions, check out our Help Center or reach us out at [email protected].