A time-bending, space-defying publication about how you too can reach sweet success as an independent software team.

Paradox Lost

What is the bootstrap paradox? It's a question of origination. In time travel, one cannot give a past version of themself certain knowledge—where will they have attained it?

In tech, how could an independent team possibly survive in the market by their own means? Team Gikken has been through time, time and time again. We have the answers.

This riveting series will tackle impossible questions pressing firmly on the minds of brilliantly budding entrepreneurial engineers across the globe. Read on to discover what it took our team to reach success. Then take that knowledge and run.

Part One

Coming soon.

B Series

At Gikken, we test. We experiment. This publication isn't just a series—it's b series. It's auxiliary to the content already out there on bootstrapping your tech team.

Alex and Andrew, co-founders of Gikken, give firsthand accounts of what it's like to propel themselves forward sustainably and without external funding. No free money, folks. Freedom instead.