Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine has forced over 4 million people to become temporarily displaced across neighboring countries and beyond. I can hardly imagine how challenging it might be for Ukrainians fleeing to safety to navigate tons of information in a foreign language in a stressful environment of their new reality.

We realize most of the people displaced to Poland, Germany, and across Europe don’t speak local languages. Leaving home so abruptly is hard enough. Communication challenges can be an additional burden. As an immigrant myself, I know exactly how that feels.

To be able to help with what we do best — making information and translation more accessible, we are making Mate Translate app free for Ukrainians.

If our decision makes life at least a tiny bit easier for some of the refugees and helps them comprehend information on the internet and communicate freely, I'll be very happy.

A free app subscription is available via UA App Store or with UA as the checkout country via Paddle. It may still show "Upgrade for €" in the apps, but when you click on the button, it won't charge you.

To get Mate for free on iPhone, iPad, or Mac from the App Store:

  1. Download it from the Ukrainian App Store (iOS, macOS).
  2. Select annual.
  3. Click on Get Mate (the price will still be there).
  4. You’ll get 1 year for free, renewed at regular price afterwards.
  5. Confirm.

I.e. for iOS and macOS App Stores the 1-year subscription is free if your store is set to Ukraine.

For browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge) and the macOS app from our website — you can select Ukraine on checkout. Subscription will be free then.

Mate is absolutely best for:

  • Reading the German/Polish/etc web pages seamlessly translated into Ukrainian/Russian, mobile, and desktop directly on your device.
  • Translating emails, messages, posts.
  • Saving and categorizing phrases with a phrasebook with 103 languages available.